• Lucky Peterson

    Friday 06 March 2020

    You don't display half a century of career every day. Especially when we have just 55 years ! Because here, Lucky Peterson is what we call a child of the ball, like early. "My father fed me blues before I could walk. I played the organ before I can even speak. " Lucky Peterson bathed in the atmosphere of the Governor’s Inn, the club run by his father James. And along the way, the Buffalo native crossed paths with all the giants of this music (Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Bobby Blue Bland, Little Milton ...), surveying scenes from around the world as soon as he was old enough to travel, gleaning laurels and Grammies over a solid style discography. So that's it when it's time to... [+]

  • Archie Lee Hooker

    Saturday 07 March 2020

    It is in this context of "Juke Joints", cotton fields and plantations that Archie grew up before leaving in 1963 for Memphis in Tennessee with his mother, where in 1966, he began to recount through music the first wounds of his childhood. In 1989, he left Tennessee to join his mentor John Lee Hooker in California. His uncle became his protector and adoptive father. Archie Lee Hooker reveals to us, by his age and experience, this extraordinary story which inspired him throughout these years and which will become his only religion: the Blues.... [+]

  • Sydney Hellis

    Sunday 08 March 2020

    Sydney began her singing career in the Los Angeles area when, the day after her 44th birthday, in 1991, the dream came true. Since then, her singing has become an obsession for what Sydney calls, her "cultural heritage" or "African American folk music". The rest of the world calls it "Blues, Classical Jazz, Gospel, Spirituals, New Orleans Jazz & Blues, R & B, Chicago Blues and Kansas City Blues". This obsession led her in 3 short years from the Los Angeles region to Europe. “Another One~Nighter” is already the 6th Album from Sydney Ellis and recorded live in May of 2017, Sydney continues to demonstrate the extra-ordinary stage persona and voice that is Sydney Ellis.... [+]

  • Sylvia Howard

    Monday 09 March 2020

    Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Sylvia is a singer of rare intensity. Her life journey explains the depth of her expression. Raised in a religious family, she was imbued, from an early age, by African-American music sacred as profane. Her vocal gift was noticed very early on and her international professional career began in 1990. She performed for 10 years in Asia before "landing" in Paris in 2000, where she decided to settle. Sylvia Howard, nourished by the traditions of gospel, blues and jazz, today interprets some of the most beautiful themes of this music which has toured the world.... [+]

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    • Wasla
    • Wasla Saturday 21 December 2019
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    • Bayrem Friday 20 December 2019
Samsung Blues Festival
Saturday 31 March 2018

Friday 15 November 2019
Yasak Helva
Saturday 13 April 2019
Amori Sospesi
Friday 19 October 2018

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