Art objects

The objects to be found in the Ennejma Ezzahra palace Despite their number (2600 inventoried artefacts and works of art), their piecemeal origins and the diversity of their styles, they succeed in creating a harmonious balance with the space they inhabit. Indeed, as if there existed a dialectic relation between them and the space they occupy such that the Palace could not live without them and similarly, they would lose their value were they to leave the Ennejma Ezzahra palace.

For the moment the  collections  do not evolve in terms of number. They might be presented as follows :

  • Archaeological objects and artifacts dating from Antiquity and later periods, such as marble columns, capitals, ancient ceramic objects, etc.
  • Objects from the Middle and Far East such as Persian and Turkish carpets and rugs, chinese objects (tables, chairs, decorative elements) as well as Chinese porcelain.
  • A collection of Arab manuscripts, the oldest of which dates back to the twelfth century.
  • The collection of oil paintings painted y the baron d’Erlanger.
  • The collection of Japanese prints.
  • A collection of silver objects and Tunisian traditional silver jewellery.
  • A very homogeneous set of crystal and blown glass from Italy (Venice) and Turkey (Beykoz).
  • Painted woodwork such as alcoves, beds and ceilings.
  • Inlaid mother-of-pearl low furniture and chests.
  • A collection of copper objects (decorative and utilitarian).
  • A collection of personal dresses which belonged to the baron and his family.

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