Abstract : The Center for Arab and Mediterranean Music (Ennejma Ezzahra) preserves valuable musical archival material related to the Arab and Tunisian musical heritage, with its various expressions and among classic, traditional and folk styles. Today, the Center is pleased to publish a selection from this heritage. The first one is a manuscript related to one of the expressions of the Sufi musical heritage in Tunisia, known as “Al-Adah Al-Shadhuliya”. The investigation that was conducted on it, especially at the level of calligraphy, makes us likely that what is meant by the word “drawing” is musical notation, as it was found that the text is in the handwriting of Saleh Al-Rafafi, and that the latter, who played a major role in the huge research work supervised Baron D’Erlanger, during his stay in Sidi Bou Said, copied it from an older manuscript in the handwriting of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Wafi Neve, and we found papers from it in the Baron’s archive.  

Year : 2013

Edition : Ennejma Ezzahra

Language(s) : Ar - Fr

Pages :104

Extra : CD

Price : 25 DT